Saturday, August 31, 2013

Icons by Margaret Stohl Review

"Your heart beats only with their permission."  This is the rule that the citizens of a country once called America live by.

When the Icons and the Lords first come to take over Earth, almost everyone and everything is gone….Destroyed….Killed.  Dol is different.  She survives The Day with hardly a scratch.  She is also marked with a single blue-gray dot on the center of her wrist.  Besides that, she can feel the emotions and some thoughts of the people around her.  She lives in a mission in Grass with the Padre and her best friend, Ro, who is also like her.  Ro has two small red dots on the center of his wrist and abnormal abilities as well.

      What happens when Ambassador Amare, who is the ruler of the Embassy, finds out about them? Well, I'll say this: nothing pretty.  Dol is put on a train to meet with Ambassador Amare at the Embassy,  where they will most likely conduct extensive tests on her.  On the way, Dol is rescued by Ro and they have to hide.  While hiding, they meet Luke, the Ambassador's son, who is also like them.  Along with the help of Tima, the group must figure out the truth of who they are and, more importantly, what they are meant to do.

      As a huge fan of Beautiful Creatures by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia, I was a little skeptical about Ms. Stohl's first attempt at a solo gig.  Now I know I had nothing to worry about.  Icons is almost as awesome as Beautiful Creatures.  In fact it may be its equal.  Ms. Stohl is an amazing author both with and without a partner.  This book is one that will make you laugh at times and cry at others. The next book by her I am challenging myself NOT to cry.  This is a book for anytime. Whether you need a good book for a school report, a book to read for fun, or even just a book to enjoy on a rainy day,  Icons will draw you into its world and leave you searching for more.

Recommended for ages: 11+
Rating: 4 starsCheck it out on Goodreads!

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