Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This weeks to-read list... A day late.

This weeks to-read list... A day late.

1. The Dead Boys by Royce Buckingham
Summary (from inside cover)

       There's a dark side to Teddy's new town...

       When Teddy Mathews moves to Richland, his main concern is making new friends. But something is not right about this quiet desert town: All the boys he meets seem to vanish before his eyes, while the imposing shadows of the giant tree outside his house appear to be hiding more than darkness.

       With the branches of the massive sycamore scratching at his window, Teddy's life becomes a waking nightmare that no one else believes. Can Teddy escape the tree's terrifying grasp and solve the mystery of the missing boys before he becomes the next boy to disappear?*

2. **

*The Dead Boys is the only book I have down for this week because it is the only one I know I will finish and not get distracted.

**Looking for Alaska has been removed from this list at this point in time because I am extremely mad at my friend for telling me what happens. :)

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