Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review: The Holders by Julianna Scott

      About a week ago I read a book called The Holders. I have just one thing to say about it:


      It hooked me straight from the beginning! Each and every time I put it down I had to pick it right back up again! (Although these times were few and far between!)
      I loved how caring and protective Becca is about her younger brother. Even though everyone outside their family believes him to be insane and/or mentally ill, Becca and her mother never give up on him.
      The story begins with Becca's brother Ryland hiding in his treehouse. There are two men inside trying to recruit him for a special school in Ireland, run by her dead-beat dad. There have been other people trying to get Ryland into a 'special school' (a mental institution.) So, naturally, Becca and Ryland are a bit leery at first.
      But then Becca learns that the real reason the men want Ryland in their school is because he is special; he is a Holder, part of a race of humans with abilities. As soon as Becca finds this out, she says he can go on one condition, that she go herself!
      The Holders is an awesome story with a concept so unlike any others I had heard of! It's a bit of a Harry-Potter-Meets-X-Men type of book. Completely and utterly underrated, most people would love it if they would just try it! It's definitely a book to move to the front of your TBR list, no matter what others are in front of it!

Rating: 5 stars
Recommended for: ages 13+ (Would probably appeal to girls a bit more, but any guy who is brave enough to listen to a female narrator and a bit of lovey-dovey stuff would love it as well!)

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