Sunday, December 29, 2013

Review: Runes by Ednah Walters

     A few nights ago, I read a book named Runes by Ednah Walters.
     I am a bit sorry to say that I could not put this book down and read until 1 AM finishing the book. I then proceeded to cry and reflect over what had happened for another hour.
     This book is about Lorraine (Raine) Cooper, who's an ordinary sixteen-year-old girl on the swim team and loves hanging out with her best friend, Cora, and plans to get her longtime crush, who's also her neighbor and best friend, Eirik, to ask her out.
       All this changes when she meets her new next-door neighbor, Torin St. James. Torin is quite the looker, and Raine would have a crush if it weren't for Eirik and the fact that Torin is infuriatingly annoying and full of himself.
       Runes is an awesome easy-read, perfect if you want a book that will last only a day or two. Beware, though, the ending of this book is gut-wrenchingly sad. Like, rip-out-your-soul-and-toss-it-into-Tartarus sad. The beginning of the second book, Immortals, is sad also, but it does get better.

Rating: 5 stars (some grammatical errors that I'm willing to overlook because it was such a good book)
Recommended for: Ages 14+

Disclaimer: I received the first book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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